Sunny 16, Iceland; Cold and Windy

..Hi there; on a family visit to New York we extended our lay-over for a few days in Iceland. Purpose of the short visit was firstly to see the country briefly for the first time. Secondly do some landscape photography with the Nikon D850 and the Irix15mm combination and hopping to see the Northern Lights. During the winter-period there are short days in Iceland 4-5 of light so planning is crucial and the weather should favor you as well. 

Traveling light on a budget carrier plane means leaving stuff behind; so I traveled with my Gura Gear Chobe bag, packed with my Nikon D850, Nikon 24-70/2.8, Nikon 70-200/2.8 and Irix15mm next to chargers, batteries, cleaning gear, Ipad....) Due to weight limitations I couldn't travel with my sturdy tripod so I had to take a traveler version with a lightweight ballhead  (not a lot of fun with high wind forces)

New York, Brooklyn Bridge at night , showing the One World Trade Center

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